Jan 25, 2018


A Bountiful Heart of Joy

Every stage of formation has its own meaning and struggle. There are times of ups and downs, but His love remains forever to accompany and teach me the important sense of being faithful to His call.  On January 17, 2018, He has done great things that I would never forget in my life, the day of my perpetual profession where I offered myself totally to Him. 

It was a great day for me where the Eucharistic celebration done solemnly by the priest presider Rev. Fr. Florentinus Hartosubono, Pr. (Espicopal Vicar of Yogyakarta), and the concelebrant priests were from our Parish (Parish Priest), CMF, OCD and Sch. (Schola Pius). The celebration was very solemn, simple and touching. I love and valued the celebration with so much joy deep inside of me. I really thankful to all the sisters in my community (Yogyakarta Community) who gave their best and work a lot for the success of this celebration collaborated with our CMF brothers and the parishioners from our area (John the Baptist Area). Right after the Eucharistic celebration, we continued by taking dinner and simple performances from our sisters, CMF brothers and also from the children of our apostolate. 

Finally we had our merry dance as a family. I am really thankful for their supports and prayers which I saw it from the joy of their faces and efforts as the word said “real abundance is found when we join hands with those we love.”
 I am truly aware of my limitations and my shortcomings as a human being, yet God chose me to become His own. I am loved and blessed because His love and mercy welcome and accept me as His own. It is enough just to feel His love who brought me courageously to be possessed by Him. I remembered when I was being attracted to our life as Claretian Sisters through the words of our foundress Ven. Maria Antonia Paris said “He Taught Me Everything from the Holy Cross” which gave me inspiration in my vocation journey to surrender totally to Him who surrendered Himself for me. Therefore I took my motto for my perpetual profession as a reflection of my vocation journey which I felt joy whenever I do this: “Do Whatever He Tells You” (Jn.2:5). For me, this Claretian vocation is a gift and treasure that God has planted in me. This is what I must celebrate every day. 

Lastly I would like to thank to my beloved congregation, especially to the sisters in East Asia province who accepted and allowed me to join this family through the perpetual profession that I have made. "Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving." (Col.4:2)

 Let us walk together in the light of the Lord. Mary, Mother of God, pray for us…





All of us were so grateful to welcome the three council’s sisters (Sr. Asunta Hori, Sr. Fransisca Wakabayashi, and Sr. Anastasia Wio) in the community. To encounter each other was such an enormous joy as we believe that through this encounter we would have so many things to share and reflect upon. We started the meeting of canonical visit on January 11 up to 15 in the morning. First day, we came together to settle the agenda for four days meeting in order to make things easier till the last day. 



On the second day, Sr. Asunta invites us to see the document of XVII general chapter. It’s really hypnotizing us to thank the Lord and our sisters who have worked hard to make this document.  She also shared her experiences, impressions, and hopes during chapter. By the sharing, we could feel the good atmosphere and vibes of the general chapter. It also came out through the content of the chapter document.


 On the third day, we came together to share all the impressions and concerns based on the chapter document. We were amazed how the chapter document speak directly to each one of us. We’re made aware of the charism of the congregation. It enkindles the missionary spirit within us to be able to leave the comfort zone and daring enough to get in touch with the reality without hesitation. As Pope Francis ever said that we are called as missionaries to go to the peripheries. It coincides with the invitation of chapter document, “Walking with the Church going forth.”  We’re not called to stay in the place where we are, separating oneself with the facts of reality. But more than that, it’s urgent to rekindle the missionary, prophetic and apostolic zeal in each of us. We’re missionaries and we suppose to walk with others. 

On the fourth day, Sr. Asunta informes us regarding some changes in the directory. In the afternoon, Sr. Fransisca shared about Maria Antonia Paris. The topic comes from the Chapter document regarding the words that Jesus gave to Ma. Antonia about the  name  of  our  congregation,  “New Apostles  in  Imitation of  the Blessed Virgin Mary.”  

 On the last day, we listened to acta of Sr. Asunta for the community. From the bottom of our hearts,  thank you so much sisters for your presence.

As the chapter document says, “We’re heirs of the spirit of two great searcher, St. Anthony Mary Claret and Ma. Antonia Paris who were in love with the will of God.” Let’s be one in prayer to make Him be known and loved by all people.


Ucha, RMI-Jogjakarta, Indonesia





Jan 24, 2018


The community of Tilomar-East Timor would like to thank you Madre Asunta and the council, the sisters of the province, the sisters of other provinces and delegations, our families, friends, to all those who shared their time, prayers and manifested their support. 
We had settled the problem peacefully last Sunday. Prayers do work. We have walked and fought in faith.
Thank you so much

Tilomar Community, January 22, 2018

May 11, 2017


Today, May 11, 2017 on the fourth day of Good Shepherd week, we are blessed with the visit of our good shepherd ArchBishop ROMULO T. DE LA CRUZ, DD. (The present Archbishop of Zamboanga).

Archbishop Romulo celebrates the Eucharist with us in our community and had a simple dinner with us.

                 In his homily he reminds us to be always joyful and do the will of God who has sent us.


Joyful, joyful Asian YouthJogjakarta is ready for Asian Youth Day

Preparing for this coming Asian Youth Day that would be held in Indonesia, especially in Jogjakarta on August, diocese of Semarang animates the program of bringing “the Asian Youth Cross” all over the parishes and sub parishes belong to. This “Cross” would stay in the parishes and sub parishes according to the determined schedules. The theme of this coming youth is “Joyful Asian Youth: Living the Gospel in multicultural Asia”. The youth is really playing a big role for these activities.

Today, on May 3th, this “Cross” arriving in our sub-parish of Maguwo, Jogjakarta. The enthusiasm of people around the Church provens that how the faith, hope, and love of Christ planted in each hearts. The welcoming of the Cross to stay in our sub-parish up to Friday’s afternoon done in solemn Eucharist celebration. The postulants of ours led the procession of the Cross inside the Church by performing the traditional dance of Likurai

During the homily, the priets presider emphasizes the meaning of the Cross in our life, inviting the youth and parishioners to have these special days of being with the Cross in adoration, celebration, and union of all people. May this experience of treasuring Him always help us to grow in faith, hope and love. To live with and in Jesus, we never getting old in spirit. Thank you, Jesus.     


By: Ucha Henakin
(Jogjakarta community)

Apr 14, 2017


Coming from darkness to light 


Every year, we celebrate  EASTER (the resurrection of CHRIST) though the same celebration, but not the same way of experiencing it. I am so grateful and thankful to God for allowing me to have a wonderful, meaningful and haunting celebration with my sisters. Through the activities of the community during Lent till Easter which enabled me to have a deep encounter with Christ, deepen my Christian faith, strengthen my vocation, and most specially opened my mind to understand the profound meaning of the two letters “D” and “L” that are Darkness and Light, Death and Life.
As Jesus, a man who performed many miracles, healed a lot of people, many praised him, many cried when he looked and touched with kindness, mercy and compassion, thousands and thousands followed him. But, at the last, at the darkest moment, nobody was beside him, even his disciples whom he loves most could not awake with him for an hour. This is “D” of Jesus. How about my “D”? Along my personal itinerary, especially in my vocation journey, there are many dead-experiences that I underwent, am undergoing. This dead- experience is not the dead of the body but spirit, the rejection, discourage, fears. In those moments, I use to remember the psalm sums “they have eyes but they cannot see, they have ear but they cannot hear…” Yes! Because the fear occupied my heart, covered my eyes, made me loss my way, sometimes I do not know where I am going and coming. But, I do believe that those dead- experiences would never absent as long as I still live in this world because it makes my life more meaningful. Therefore, the most importance for me is how I overcome the power of darkness in my heart (the pride, ego, self- center, self- closed…) it is all about how I conquer it not to surrender to it. Moreover, it also depends on my choice, the choice to go out of darkness, the choice to remove the door of my tomb to let the light shine into, the choice to live in the light not darkness. As Jesus, by the power of God the Father he was risen from the death for he is light, he belongs to the light and he also invites me  to a share of life  in the light with him as he “ called” Lazarus his friend come back to life from the death. This invitation demands my collaboration, the will of the heart.

This experience of coming back from darkness to light and death to life has opened the other page of my life story, to read the real meaning of EASTER (E- A-S T-T-E-R) of  my life, it’s all about: E- encounter, A-acceptance, S- surrender to God, T-trust in God providence, E- embrace all with joy, and R- remain in faithful.  Though many challenges, obstacles in life but once I know how to accept all things, accept my limitation, remain in faithful to trust and surrender to God there I live in the light of God, there I have a life in light and there I am resurrected in Christ.