Jul 26, 2016


EXODUS’ experience


A journey always gives meaning. Last 23th of July, we (Claretian brothers and sisters) did a hiking to Mount Merapi. The theme of hiking was Exodus and led by Fr .Gusti Supurt, CMF. The hiking begun with a contemplative dance called “Eretsh”. This dance is an initiation to the Promised Land. Before we left the house, we’re asked by Fr. Gusti to write down a word that could express our deep desires and reactions as if we’re about to leave the place where we are and starting journeying to the Promised Land. It was interesting. Not only that, during the journey, we also had the “ritual of baptism”. In this ritual, our co-journeyer would read for us our own messages we had written while pouring the water upon us. I felt blessed at that moment. I celebrated my vocation, I thanked the Lord for the vocation I have. A journey we passed through was an eye-catching view. We passed by rivers with a fresh air, green plants, cliffs, and twisted roads. We tired somehow but it’s not extinguished our heart desire to continue the journey. We stopped several times, sitting and listening to the simple novel of Jusuf’ story when he had sold by his brothers. The story was made alive and surely each of us could catch the meaning. Finally, we arrived in a place we called Sinai. Over there, we could look down, we could look back all the traces we have been through. I wondered at the natures, how it speaks a lot to me. It reminds me of the Creator, gives me inner peace I could not ever explained, and once again it ensures me of one thing I have to cherish of all times that my Creator never stops guiding me. I’m being renewed and surely God also ensures His presence. I could only reach the place I have to because of Him. Post-having lunch and short resting, we continued the journey until the place we called promised land. Personally, I find this was a great experience and unforgettable. How this experience took emotionally my feelings, struggles, joys, and even the commitment.. I praise the Lord for “He has made known to me the path of life.”  And I love to walk Him at all times.

                                                              By : Sr. Ucha Henakin





Jul 22, 2016




By Marselina Maru

On July 2 & 3, 2016 we had the opportunity to join some other Congregations in the program of Vocation promotion in Wisma Salam, Jogjakarta. The participants consisted of some grade school students, Junior and senior High school students from different Parishes together with their parents and some Coordinators who helped to animate the program itself. 

The purpose of this program is to help or assist the children in realizing the seeds of Vocation within them. We also hoped that there would be participants interested to be religious or to embrace a life of celibacy. Yet, the desire of the participants to be religious or to be priest was really lessened. Nevertheless, the spirit and desire to serve others and the Church are still alive within each person. It was found out through the simplest sharing and activities that we had done with the participants.

Eventually, we realize that this program was really meaningful for us because through it, we were able to know directly the reality of the decrease of vocation in Religious life. We are challenged also to look for the “better responses” that we can offer to the reality of our world today so that the spirit of service through Religious life will be increasing and attracting for the young generations.

Jul 11, 2016


July 11, 2016


This evening our community offered a simple mission sending prayer for our juniors who are leaving for their pastoral year in Vietnam and East Timor. Astuti is going to East Timor. Hoan & Liem are going to Vietnam

Lord, look favorably on our Sisters
as we send them forth
to participate in your Mission.

As bearers of your light,
truth, beauty and goodness in the world,
may they embrace all the blessings
and sufferings of life
as they walk with our brothers and sisters
from various cultures and nationalities.  

May their readiness
and availability for service
express their gift of “self”
knowing that its value
is not so much in how much they do,
but in how deeply they love.

May their presence to people

be life-giving

and marked with reverence and gratitude.

And as you promised, Lord,
may you be with them always,
until the end of the age.

Safe journey.... see you somewhere....